"Changing Hearts
Changing Minds - Changing Lives"


Master Fari Salievski founded KMA in 1982 and has been told by many that KMA is considered as one of the most successful martial arts schools in the country. 

KMA Dundas is managed and run by Mr Moustapha El-Sheikh. Having dedicated his life to the Martial Arts since beginning in 1983 with over 29years experience in the combat arts.  

Since 1986 KMA has personally helped 1000's to use the discipline of the martial arts to conquer their fears, transferring that power to all areas of their lives. No other activity can do this better!

KMA is certainly the largest school of its kind in Australia, it has been described as "Australia's Best", "Australia's Largest", ultimately it all depends on "What's In It For You"?

Martial arts for fitness,for self defence.....Martial Arts For Life! 

Basic Program - Black Belt Club ™-Masters Club™

We have age specific classes,styles plus we have membership levels to meet your needs, goals & lifestyle!